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9 Major Changes to Expect at Phacilitate Europe 2017


Published on July 20, 2017 by Michael Adeniya


I normally give it a few months after each Phacilitate event to really sink my teeth into the survey responses, feedback emails and testimonials from the audience. Although, you actually reply within days and even hours of the show, I find just after the event isn't the best time to give them my full attention. It's critical to see the event through your eyes and I've always found a great time to do that is when we start planning the next edition. I focus on the important things: favourite speakers, how attentive our staff were and, of course, what you thought of the food! :)


However, it's the constructive feedback on improvements you want to see that I really enjoy reading; being told exactly how we should differentiate makes planning so much easier. So it's only natural that we should give you what you want!

This year is no different. We're teaming up with major organisations in the cell, gene and immuno-oncology community to bring you the most innovative showcase of advanced therapies Europe has ever seen.

So here it is – a quick and dirty guide of what you need us to cover more seriously in September AND how we are going about it!


(FYI, this is a short, combined list for both co-located events but you can got to the websites www.cgteurope.com or www.iofrontiers.com to see everything you can experience in Berlin this year.)

1. Training

Having an adequately skilled workforce has been identified as a major speed-bump to industrialisation, and as we see more practitioners join from adjacent sectors, you told us it was important to find the time and expertise to fully explore specific role-enhancing technical topics that you'll be able to apply as soon as you got back to work.



Led by Dr. Anthony Davies of Dark Horse Consulting; Dr. Mohamed Abou-El Anein of Charité - University Medicine Berlin and Christopher Bravery of Advanced Biologicals Ltd. These three, half-day training sessions will allow you to plug your knowledge gap in:

  • Clinical trial design for ATMPs
  • Authoring the Common Technical Document (CTD) Module 3 (CMC/Quality)
  • Product Characterisation/Quality by Design

You can find more details here.

2. European Investor Landscape

There are stark differences between the European and US investor landscapes; you can attend a roundtable with Versant Ventures, 4BIO Capital, Medicxi and Kurma Partners to discuss this in-depth. All the info is on page 3 of the brochure.

3. Easy-to-follow Agenda

The agenda is now concise and digestible and you can see all the concurrent sessions without needing a PhD! You can now plan your conference days straight from the website.

4. Networking Tool

You wanted a simple meeting scheduler. That's what we're giving you with Jublia.

5. Immuno-Oncology Frontiers Hub

As IO increases in importance, you wanted a zone in the expo that would make it easier to identify those at the frontier of this exciting science. You've got it. And we've not stopped there, to help you meet with immuno-oncology developers we're also scheduling booth introductions for you to make it easier to find customers!


6. Emerging Science Track

Brand new translational data and meeting the most innovative biotechs means you'll know who's paving the way in Europe before anyone else.

7. GMP Facility Site Visit

This was a trial last year and filled up extremely quickly, we've built on the partnership with BCRT who will open their doors again for a tour of their state of the art ATMP manufacturing facility.


8. Women in Advanced Therapies Lunch

Diversity is vital for the progression and success of our industry. Following on from the inaugural lunch at Phacilitate Miami we will be working with W.O.M.E.N. in Advanced Therapies again to drive new mentors and mentees to support the community.


9. More NEW SPEAKERS - 50%!

It was clear that hearing from new companies and not the same guys on the conference circuit was a must if you were to leave you office for 2 days. That's why we've enforced our own quality control and can guarantee at least 50% of your speaker faculty will be all new to Phacilitate!

Thank you for your feedback and support in helping us create the best learning experience for you. I’m truly looking forward to seeing you at Phacilitate Europe 2017 Sep 19-21 in Berlin, Germany.


Grow your knowledge and expand your professional network at Cell and Gene Therapy Europe and IO Frontiers this September. Over 3 days, you can select from over 80 sessions and workshops and training presented by industry leaders covering investment, manufacturing, clinical translation, and more new biotechs than you can shake a stick at!

  • "The event reflected the fantastic growing enthusiasm around cell and gene therapy, including small and large companies, investors and regulators. It was great to see everyone so engaged and so positive. The event really gives you the “pulse” of what is happening right now in cell and gene therapy."
    Anne-Virginie Eggimann,
  • “Great program, great people, great venue.”
    Klaus Kühlcke
    Managing Director, EUFETS GmbH
  • Dynamic, interesting and highly interactive event that promotes exchange and networking in highly specialized field of gene therapy.”
    Nathalie Clement
    Associate Director, Powell Gene Therapy Center, University of Florida
  • "Phacilitate provides a unique forum, bringing together research, process development, and commercial leaders on the cutting edge of cell, gene, and immunotherapy. A great conference for anyone wanting a comprehensive view of the field."
    Dr James Trager
    Vice President, Research & Product Development, Dendreon
  • "It was all business. I’ve never been to an event where over 80% of the conversations I had were constructive to my business objectives."
    Kurt Gielen
    Acquisition & Business Development Manager, BioMedical Materials, Chemelot Campus B.V.
  • “Great way to expand network with global experts in cell and gene therapy who are facing similar challenges.”
    Steven Goodman
    Director, Strategy and Engagement, GSK